The Rules

  1. There is no such word as "walla."  Unless you live in Washington State.
  2. "Karate" is not a synonym for "martial arts."  It is a form of martial art.  Kung Fu is not "a type of Karate."
  3. Guess what.  Facebook and Google don't owe you free service.  Don't act so horrified that they're collecting your personal data.  Speaking of which...
  4. "Media" is plural.  As is "criteria."  They're not like "sheep."Also...
  5. Homo Sapiens is not the plural of Homo Sapien.
  6. A "tenet" is not a "tenant," and there's a difference between "formerly" and "formally."
  7. The proof is not in the pudding.  Look it up.
  8. [more to come]